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The death of a musician

It is always devastating for me to learn of a brilliant musician’s death, especially when he created music I know by heart. 

Dead politicians, don’t care. Dead unknown actors, sorry for the family and the fans. But musicians? Don’t take away the humans that I love most in this world. 

I will always remember this concert for it was raining, the soil was turning into mud, I was drunk, alone and crying over the most unpleasant person a girl could fall in love with. I guess my situation would have been the perfect storyline for a Bon Jovi music video, yet it was The Devil’s Blood that gave this story it’s soundtrack and I am very glad that I was part of this ritual, I was singing, I was dancing in the rain and I felt every single guitar strum. 

Thank you for creating music that I will forever love. 

Burning a black candle.